Career Designing is to plan and design the present and future career of your own life. So, why are we interested in Career Design? Under the stable economic growth of the past, Japanese people believed that the entrance to a certain “good” school is a direct pass to a “good” seat of a company, and that will finally make lifelong happiness. However, meeting the drastic change of the society from 1990s, this “ideal” way of life do not match the social situation, and starting to cause many problems. Part-time workers and NEETs (young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training) are increasing, and local shopping streets lack energy; schools have trouble such as bullying, and sometimes children being embroiled in brutal crimes. Company men who have retired from their job are suddenly tossed into local community life, which is totally unfamiliar to them, and feel perplexed or do not know what to do; this is another sort of problem in Japan that cannot be ignored.

Career Designing is to design one’s own way of life (career) to fit in to the changing society in a flexible way, or to rethink of one’s past and form or start a new career. Career Designing is necessary for everyone, to live a contented life.

sunflower_enTo functionalize Career Design in a society, the most important thing is to link each local community-families, schools, traders and manufacturers, farmers, citizen groups, welfare organizations, or public administrations etc.-and activate the mutual exchange of them. Exchanges need a hub, and this role can be played by a museum. Museum can use “culture” to link people who belong to different kinds of communities. Here “culture” does not mean retrospective culture or history, but indicates the study results of human’s activities in much broad sense-including work, play, regional and artistic activities, and family events, and varieties of people’s career themselves. Thus museum becomes an initiator of people’s communication, not just a dormant pantheon of ancient objects and artworks. Inside such place, people who belong to different group or community starts to communicate, and mutually understand different lifestyles, ideas and values from their own. It is this process that broaden the vision of life of each individual, and benefit the construction and reconstruction of his / her career. We hope that people who can manage with their own Career Design will become capable of cooperative works or regional activities in societies.